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चाफा 🌸 #chafa #flowers #gardenflowers #loveflowers #mumbai
बाबूमोशाय, जिंदगी बडी होनी चाहीये लंबी नहीं !!
The copper pod fill the sky with golden blossom in the summer and it makes the spring more delightful. When we were in school, we had a small galli as a shortcut to reach home quickly and during the summers those flowers used to fill that road like golden carpet... Those golden memories 😍 Those small , quilled petals , grinish brown receptacle and those reddish brown perianth😍 it's like a little delights that will always give u a satisfied smile on ur face, just notice this some day😃 #copperpod #flower #summer #springbreak #mumbaimerijaan❤️ #goldenblossom
There was a day when u hate being on earth n there was a day when u want to touch the ground but u can not. The day on a scream machine at imagica ,it was our days last ride. There was an adrenaline rush inside bcoz it was looking horifing from a side. I was not ready to do that ,it was looking like hurrrrrrr i can't explain in words 😶😶😶. But somewhat ppl by my side (@s______insha_ ,@ms.aatiqakhan ,@ansar2097 ,@ms_sumayabilaal )motivates me n finally when I was there, I told myself to close my eyes n keep mumbling the ganpati stotra. N the ride starts , it was spinning first ,then it started rotating, spinning n rotating fast, spinning fast n rotating, n it goes on n on. @ms.aatiqakhan shouted on me to open the eyes , i gather the courage n the first thing i saw was the moon 🙂. He was there in the sky smiling with his curves, giving me a false appearance of closeness. And then the ride take a turn n i saw the floor 😵and I started shouting, after some seconds I realize that it was not that mush scary as I imagine in my mind. It was just Bliss 😂😂😂 but shouting was mandary when It took speed, n it spins. Then take a twist n turn faster. It projects you in 120 to the horizon n the site was worth the ride😍 It stops in just 3 min 😋 but it was a lifetime awesome experience which u can't explain in any parameters. Pic credit :@urbazkhan #imagica #adlabsimagica #screammachineimagica #iphoneclick
🎡 IMAGICA 🎢 as they says, open your doors for imagination....Live in the fantasy of colours 🎨 #optometrydaycelebration #lastfewdays #myppl #hadfun #imagica #imagicadiaries #adlabsimagica #1steveriphoneclick #iphoneclick Thanks to @urbazkhan for this pic
Mumbai is not just silhouette of shadows🏙, it's a dream 🌆which will be conquered by only those ,who are able to be there own sunshine #silhouette #mumbaimerijaan❤️ #mumbai #dadar #dadarkar #view
Yes! one day the burning sunrays will turn into luxurious spotlights, the tounts- betrayals- laughters- comments will turn into shower of claps and the universe will be mine 😍 Keep your head high, keep trying, keep pushing yourself ...That day is coming soon 😘 #hope #sunrays #loveyourselffirst #keepgoing
There is world out waiting for you to see it from a different angle, so keep changing your angle till you get ur perfect one 😍 #nofilter #original #hope #loveyourselffirst #angles #dimentions
Wishing u a happiest birthday to my 1st friend in the world of optometry, who has born on the day of optometry. Yes she is weird as u can see in this pic, an idiotic smile , lovely dimples (but she thoughts 'khade hai ye ') always ready for party and everytime found in some KAND. hey girl those slaps on my forehead irritates alot but when u doesn't done that it irritate even more. Insha sorry if I ever hurt, sorry if I ever been rude with u, but girl u r the most fun companyto be around and no one will ever replace u 😍 may ur all wishes come true !!!!!!! Love you 😊

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