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R I C K - R O $ $ #rickross @eltucanmiami @richforever #eltucannightclub
R I C K - R O $ $ @eltucanmiami @richforever #eltucannightclub #rickross #brickellnightlife
✨Everything we need, fits in a hug. What is necessary to change the world, fits in a hug. Empathy fits in a hug. Embrace means "I feel you", "I take care of you", "I understand you", "you are not alone" or "I love you". And all the love in the world, it fits in a hug. A hug can mean a lot, but a hug is never given alone. The hug needs the other, and maybe that's why it's the gesture that best represents life" ✨ @gabi.artz @andersondjeemo @amornaif_ photo by @edunegraoangr #gabiartz #bethemessage #amornaif 🤗
Felices Las 3 ❣️❣️❣️ @lalagecovane @ingridbernardino_ #bff
I N S I D E OUT B E A U T Y 🙇🏾‍♀️ Beauty has never really been anything external. It was always something deep. Power. Of attitude. Of words. External beauty passes fast. Five minutes of conversation and if you only look good, was all the beauty. And often our eyes are still deceived. Real beauty is not so easy. It does not appear in magazines. It does not appear in the photos. Do not enter photoshop. True beauty does not fit with quick retouching. It is built day after day. She is daily care. It is self-analysis, it is character, it is reflection, it is acceptance. It's something much deeper. In our world there was a great inversion. What it appears to be, weighs more than it really is. Appearance has gained more prominence than health. And it really affects us when we come to give more value to something superficial and forget to pay attention to what really matters. When you believe that beauty really is that of specific appearances and gets stuck in the cultural moorings. Because you have that too, right? "Beauty" is completely culturally shaped. I always wonder, do I think it's really beautiful or did the world make me think? And how crazy it is to cling to what you see. The eyes deceive so much. And without realizing it, everyone is judging who gets out of this "beautiful established", who from time to time changes and goes there everyone wants to fit in again. There goes the whole authenticity. The world will sell a zillion thoughts all the time to make a profit. It's up to you to buy the idea or not. It is up to us to accept and to love or submit to these pitfalls. We'll take care of ourselves. True beauty does not fit into selfies, it does not fit into the issue. It does not fit in us. It overflows. She reaches for the other. She hugs. It is this beauty that stays. The beauty that the eyes do not capture! The beauty that illuminates, that touches soul, that transforms the world and that we feel. @gabi.artz #gabiartz

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