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I’m the first to say saving money to travel is hard 💸 and people always ask me how we save, so I thought I’d share just one of the fun ways we as a family save some extra $$ each year (yes fun and save in the same sentence) 😝 It’s called the $2 coke bottle challenge and it does the rounds on FB every so often, I saw it and started doing it a couple of years back. It claims that if you fill a 600ml coke bottle with $2 coins you will end up with $1000 when it’s full! “The aim is that every $2 coin you get you cannot spend and must go straight in the coke bottle.” I have since learned that you actually only get about $880 into a 600ml bottle but hey I’m not complaining 😉 It’s an easy way to get some extra saving started and it becomes addictive with the whole family looking for and saving $2 coins. If the 600ml sounds a bit hard then just start with a 250ml bottle which gives you about $350 when it’s full. When the bottle is full not only does it mean you have accomplished something, it also means that you can enjoy a holiday knowing you won’t be returning with debt. It’s a great way to demonstrate to the kids that you are able to set a goal and stay committed plus great visual learning for them to be able to see the coke bottle filled at the end. I’ll pop a picture of our bottle in our stories 👍🏻 Have you got any money saving tips? I’d love to hear them as I always have a few things going and like to try everything I can.

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